Are you a child in need of help?

If you are a child in need of help in Sunderland then there are lots of people you can contact, including us.

Contact Children's Safeguarding on 0191 520 5560 

In an emergency always call 999

If you are a young person with concerns about your own safety (or one of your friends) and you don't want to talk to the police or a social worker you can also call Childline on 08001111. This is a free 24-hour number offering advice and support.

What will happen next?
Anything you tell us will be kept in confidence, but we may need to share certain information to keep you safe.

We will listen to your circumstances and look at how serious the situation is before deciding how to respond.

Our first priority is to ensure you, and any other people who may also be at risk, are safe.

We will carry out a careful and sensitive enquiry to help decide what to do next. We will work together with all of the relevant organisations and give you information and advice.

We may need to investigate or take further action in order to protect you and can provide an advocate for you and your carer.