Family Centre classes

A child playing with play dough

Free Family Centre Classes 

Our Family Centres run lots of fun and educational classes across the city throughout the week. Check out our more popular free sessions below. 

Baby Massage 

Age: 0-6 months 

Baby Massage is the use of a nurturing touch from parent to baby, which can help early bonding and relaxation. Our sessions demonstrate how to massage your baby and are available to parents and carers of babies from six weeks to six months old. All of the sessions are delivered by an experienced instructor and take place in a relaxed, informal setting. 

Time for Rhyme 

Age: 0-18 months 

Time for Rhyme sessions promote children’s development through activities including dancing, singing and treasure baskets.  

The sessions are available to children up to 18 months old and offer the chance for interaction with other children. The sessions develop and build imagination, decision making and social skills, and give parents and carers the opportunity to be involved in your child’s development in a social setting. 

Busy Bodies 

Age: 18 months to 5 years 

Busy Bodies promotes children’s development through activities such as climbing, balancing and crawling. Children have the space to be physically active and learn about what their bodies can do.  

The sessions are a mix of free play and structured singing to promote social interaction. This gives parents and carers the opportunity to meet one another while the little ones burn off some energy. 

Stay & Play 

Age: 18 months to 5 years 

Stay and Play sessions incorporate elements from Time for Rhyme and messy play. Through activities including painting, play dough and craft, your child has the opportunity to be creative and explore new materials. The sessions also include small world play to help develop imagination, books to share and group singing. 

Outdoor Group 

Age: 18 months to 5 years 

Explore the outdoors with your child in our garden at Maplewood Avenue. We have activities on offer to explore a range of different materials including digging, water play, bug hunting and elements of messy play in the outdoors. Each session ends with songs in one of our outdoor dens.  

Additional Family Centre classes 

We also run additional classes which are delivered by external providers and therefore incur a small cost. To find out more about these sessions, please visit each provider’s website. 


Baby Move and Groove age: 6 weeks to crawling 

Pre-School Move and Groove age: Walking to 5 years 

More information and booking at: 

Little Movers 

Age: 0 to 5 years 

More information and booking visit the Little Movers Facebook pages: Little Movers Washington and Sunderland North and Little Movers Sunderland South and Boldon.

Little Learners 

Age: 0 to 5 years 

More information and booking at: 

Relax Kids Little Stars 

Age: 3 to 6 years 

Let your child join in colourful adventures and learn to be calm and confident. Helps anxiety, tantrums and sleeping problems.  

Sessions are available at our Rainbow Family Centre in Washington. For more information and bookings call 07771 330 652 or email  

Active Aim 

Age: Suitable for the whole family 

A free six-week programme that combines healthy eating workshops and family orientated exercise and activities using a Kangoo Jump fitness programme. 

More information and booking at:

In Early Help

  • In order to ensure the best support for families, we need to share information within Together for Children and with our partners – this means sharing personal records that relate to families and their support needs.
  • Our Family Centres run lots of fun and educational classes across the city.
  • Our Family Centres provide a range of support services for families with children aged 0 to 5 in Sunderland.
  • Advice and information around supporting young women who suspect they may be pregnant