English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Ann Harris and Claire Duckworth are English as an Additional Language (EAL) Advisors at Together for Children, Sunderland.

Ann and Claire provide advice and practical support to all schools and their practitioners in Sunderland to deliver improved outcomes for children and their families with English as an Additional Language. 

The EAL team provide support to Sunderland Schools who have pupils with EAL needs. This may include an early assessment of a new arrival in the 4 core areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing followed by a report on the teams findings and recommendations to the school on how best to proceed with the pupils immersion in to school life and the curriculum. Training and advice is available to school staff on techniques to incorporate the EAL pupil and the team will offer recommendations for relevant books, websites etc

The EAL arrival receives a speedy assessment in the 4 core areas of English from the EAL advisory teacher. The specific needs of each pupil are identified according to the Council of Europe Framework and corresponding level on the UK National Framework. On completion of the report the EAL advisory teacher makes recommendations according to the determined language needs of the pupil. Such recommendations may guide differentiation in the classroom, help from strategies for inclusion, tips for scaffolding class work, help in identifying a development plan that takes account of the needs and skills of EAL learners and sets targets for them which are both challenging and attainable. 

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  • Together for Children is here to support you and your organisation to develop a highly skilled and professional teaching workforce.
  • We provide advice and practical support to all schools and their practitioners in Sunderland, to deliver improved outcomes for children and their families with English as an additional language.
  • Information and support around exclusions.
  • Together for Children provides a comprehensive governor support, advice and continuing professional development service for schools and academies.
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  • When a child has been experiencing difficulties at school, particularly of a behavioural nature, head teachers may suggest that a parent considers a managed move for their child.
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  • The Vulnerable Pupils Panel (VPP) was developed to consider referrals to Together for Children's locally commissioned alternative educational provisions.