Adoptive parents welcome twin girls into their lives

One couple welcomed twin girls into their lives after they had difficulties having children of their own.

Describing the process, John said: “We decided to approach Together for Children, who took us all the way through the adoption process. It was really informal and relaxed, with lots of support and training along the way, which really helped prepare us for our new family.”

While the process was started in 2016, they welcomed the girls into their home a year later and John said:

“From the minute the girls came to live with us they were as good as gold, all our families are smitten with them and we can’t believe we’ve been so lucky. We thought it might take them a while for us all to form a bond, but we all just clicked. The second time they met us, before they had even moved in with us, they came running out with their arms open and it’s been a fantastic experience ever since.”

Statistics have shown that children from the same family often wait for longer than single children to be placed with their forever family. This is as well as the fact that across the North East almost 68% of the children waiting for adoptive families are brothers and sisters in groups of two or more, and more than half of them aged under four. 

Andrew who is self-employed, said: “We’d always liked the idea of adopting and it just seemed a natural thing for us to do.

“Although it was nerve-wracking, we knew from the off we wanted to adopt two siblings. “We knew siblings often wait longer because many people feel more comfortable adopting one child at a time, but we felt this would make our family whole right away.

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