Being 2 mums

Two mums

Julie and Louise adopted their daughter ten years ago and when they think back to what it felt like when they started thinking about having a family, Julie says: “Entering into parenthood is a scary thing at the best of times, but if you’re a partner in a same-sex relationship, or a single LGBT parent or carer, the prospect of bringing up children can be overwhelming.”

Louise says: “When I told by parents that my girlfriend and I were adopting, my Dad said ‘it’s just another bairn to nurse’

“And it turns out he was completely right because in reality most people are kind and warm to all children, and they accept your child’s home circumstances, although sometimes just need to ask a few more questions.”

Julie says: “There have been challenging times when our daughter has needed reassurance, but just talking things through has got us a long way in our journey and family life fades into the ordinary like all families. We take great comfort from knowing we’ve given a child the pleasure of belonging somewhere they know they are wanted and loved.”

Louise says: “Being a parent opens up a whole new world, usually because your children introduce you to new people through their friends, nursery and school.

“There are also great networks of LGBT parent and carers out there that you can turn to for support, with common questions like what about my family, what about work, what about friends and neighbours.”

Julie say: “We also received fantastic support from our social worker who helped us to connect with LGBT parent groups and we made new friends who were already parents and who helped us to quickly settle the answers to questions like, what would we do if our child got angry about having two Mums, what if they got bullied, what if they don’t feel confident to talk about their family.”

Louise says: “All parents worry, but for children who have LGBT parents they might have to deal with other children’s or adults’ prejudice, however that’s the same if you’re a BME family or a family where disability features, so you are not alone.”


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