Family Group Conferencing

Family Group Conferencing in Sunderland

Together for Children offers a free, independent Family Group Conference service in Sunderland.

A Family Group Conference is a meeting where family members get together to talk through any problems in an environment where they feel comfortable and supported to make suggestions and decisions about the care of the children in the family.

They're a way to help families find their own solutions to any problems they might have. After the conference you and your family should have a an agreed plan about how you will work together to resolve your problems and create a better home environment for your children

A Family Group Conference co-ordinator will help arrange the meeting with you and your family and will make sure that the meeting goes smoothly, giving everyone a chance to talk, share their opinions and come up with solutions to any problems together.

You'll need to already have a social worker to use the service - they will come along to the family conference to provide information prior to private family time and to agree the plan at the end of the meeting

For professionals
A copy of the Family Group Conference referral form can be found on the Practitioner's Portal. The completed form should be returned to



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