Three young brothers and sisters

Three siblings

When three young brothers and sisters were taken into care due to neglect and a chaotic homelife, they were understandably nervous about what the future would hold for them.

The children were fortunate to be placed in the care of a married couple with one child of their own who were able to look after all the children together.

All three youngsters settled well into family life, did well at school and made new friends. So, when their care plan was set to be reviewed by the family court, the children asked their social worker if they could tell the judge that they wanted to stay together in their foster home forever.

Excerpt from child’s letter:

Dear Judge,

I would like to stay with my carers because loads of good stuff is going to happen!  I get to be in a choir competition and go on a school trip.

I feel very safe with my carers and I probably wouldn’t feel quite as safe if I was with my parents.

The judge not only read the children’s letters and met them to find out how they felt, but also invited them to have a tour of the court rooms.

The decision to take a child into care involves a range of professionals and is ultimately a judicial decision.  In this case, the child’s views were clearly heard and supported the decision that they should stay with their foster family on a permanent basis.  The foster family were able to nurture them as a sibling group, provide stability and love in their young lives and the children had grown to love and rely upon them as in any normal family environment.

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