Skills for Care Praise ASYE Programme

Skills for Care

In March 2020 Skills for Care, working on behalf of the Department for Education, visited for an in-depth quality assurance review of the Together for Children ASYE programme. The key themes identified from the visit included:

  • Senior management are fully engaged with the ASYE programme
  • There is a culture of learning, support and nurture in evidence within the organisation
  • The strength of the ASYE is serving to drive forward other developments
  • NQSWs are understanding of the rationale and recognise that they are valued within the organisation
  • A lot has been achieved in a relatively short space of time. It appeared to the reviewers that the arms-length structure supported flexibility and innovation. It was noted that this freedom could possibly set the organisation apart from others

We are pleased to share that reviewers found the programme to be of a high standard and our thanks go to those who participated in the visit and to all those involved in supporting our newly qualified social workers.



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