Managed Moves

When a child has been experiencing difficulties at school, particularly of a behavioural nature, head teachers may suggest that a parent considers a managed move for their child.  A managed move is a useful strategy that allows a pupil who is experiencing difficulties in school and who would perhaps benefit from being moved away from any negative influences to participate in a ‘fresh start’ elsewhere.  It  involves a child attending another school for a specified period of time.  A managed move cannot be undertaken without the consent of parents.

Why would a child be considered for a managed move?
The head teacher of a child’s  school may request that parent/carer consider a managed move for their child because the child is displaying some challenging behaviours and they believe all other strategies in school have been exhausted.

If a parent / carer would like their child considered for a managed move then they should contact the child's school.

Who to contact:
Michelle Burlinson, Inclusion and Access Officer, Together for Children.
Tel: 0191 561 1442

For more information download our Managed Moves information below.


Managed Moves

Download our information leaflet on Managed Moves

Managed Move Parent Agreement form

Download our Managed Move Parent Agreement form

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