A young boy looking upset whilst looking at this mobile phone.

Together for Children works with schools, young people, parents and any professionals to offer support, resources and inspiration to support the anti-bullying agenda across Sunderland.

See below for our download to a useful guide for parents and carers with hints and tips on how to support your child if they're experiencing bullying.

Our Anti-Bullying Charter Mark was created by young people to help schools and other settings showcase the work they do to prevent bullying. Awarded by young people, it involves the whole school community in bringing about positive change.

Find out more about our Anti-Bullying Charter Mark here.

To find out more about our events or if you require any advice on anti-bullying policies, procedures, practices or issues please get in touch with our anti bullying coordinator by emailing YouthVoice@togetherforchildren.org.uk.

Let's keep tackling bullying – together!