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Childcare providers in Sunderland offering Early Education places for 2, 3 and 4 year olds now need to submit information to Together for Children via our Provider Portal. These submissions include:

  • 2 year places - Assisted Applications - helping a parent apply for a 2 year place online
  • 2 year places - Placement Notification - verifies a parent's application reference and advises where a child would like to attend
  • 30 hour free childcare - checking parents eligibility 
  • Headcount - sending information of all 2, 3, and 4 year old children attending your setting for funding including Early Years Pupil Premium

Download the Portal User guides below to help you with these processes. 

Users of the Provider Portal also need to inform Together for Children of any changes that need to be made with regard to people who have access to your accounts.  Please keep us informed of any changes by using the Portal Registration form which can be downloaded below.


Registration Form for Provider Portal

Registration form to request changes be made to access to the Provider Portal accounts.

Provider Portal User Guide

Guidance on making Assisted Applications or Placement Notifications

Headcount User Guide

Guidance for Headcount Portal tasks.

FAQ's for Providers - Completing Headcount

Frequently Asked Questions for Providers regarding completing Headcount Tasks.

FAQ's for Providers - Early Years Pupil Premium

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Early Years Pupil Premium

FAQ's for Providers - 30 Hours Childcare

Frequently Asked Questions regarding 30 Hours Childcare on the Provider Portal

FAQ's for Parents - 30 Hours Childcare

Frequently Asked Questions for Parents regarding 30 Hours Childcare

Early Years Census Establishment Data

Guidance on the completion of the early years establishment details survey required for the completion of the Early Years Census for submission to the Department for Education (DfE) in March 2018.

30 hours childcare delivery evaluation

A questionnaire to gather information from providers regarding planning, places and to find out what has worked well and what has not with regard to the 30 hour childcare scheme.

EYPP Manual Application Form

Application form to be completed and submitted to FIS for children currently Looked After by the Local Authority or for children who have left care through special guardianship, residence order or child arrangement order.

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