Children’s Independent Review Team (CIRT)

Our CIRT team

As a team, all the staff working in the Children’s Independent Review Team (CIRT), are passionate about the individual needs of the children and young people that we work with.

We strive to be organised and thorough in our approach to working with children and young people. We try our best to be there for you and do all we can to make things better for you.

We endeavour to be good listeners and to make sure your voice is heard. We need to be focused and direct in our meetings, yet we will engage parents and children to ensure they understand what is happening.

We will always consider your point of view and how a child protection plan or being in care affects you, in both good and not so good ways.

As a team, we are committed to all the children and young people that we work with and would like you to know that we will listen to you and together, we will try and sort things out.

Children protection conferences

Due to government guidance, child protection conferences are currently being managed differently. It is possible for you as a child/parent to attend the conference at Lambton House, 145 High Street West and take part directly in the conference. 

Professionals would join the conference via Teams or alternatively, you can join the conference via Teams or a conference call. Please speak to your Social Worker to discuss your preference.

To contact the IRO team, please call 0191 561 7110 or contact team managers Gavin Taylor or Kim Roberts via the details below:

Gavin Taylor: 01915617148 or

Kim Roberts: 01915617145 or

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