Sunderland Safeguarding Children Board

Sunderland Safeguarding Children Board (SSCB) is an independent partnership established in Sunderland in October 2004 following the drive to improve outcomes for children. It was formed as a statutory requirement of the Children Act 2004.

The SSCB is a key multi agency statutory mechanism for promoting and safeguarding the welfare of children in Sunderland. It has high-level officer representation from partner agencies, both statutory and voluntary, across the City. The SSCB structure consists of a number of sub committees that carry out specific functions in relation to the SSCB's responsibilities.

For more information visit the SSCB website.


Serious Case Reviews
The SSCB is responsible for publishing Serious Case Reviews (SCRs). SCRs are multi-agency reviews of how professionals and organisations have worked together with a child and their family when a serious incident has occurred. This serious incident can be the death of or serious harm to a child.

For information on Serious Case Reviews in Sunderland, including Learning and Improvement findings please click here. 





SSCB Neglect Toolkit

Download the SSCB toolkit for assessing and responding to child neglect

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