Central Provisions Panel

The Central Provisions Panel (CPP) was developed to consider referrals to Together for Children's locally commissioned alternative educational provisions.

Educational provisions cater for pupils who are experiencing difficulties managing mainstream school and all referrals to our service are taken through a transparent, fair and impartial referral process.

It is the responsibility of the school (or medical consultant in the case of hospital tuition), to submit a CPP Referral. The CPP meets fortnightly and referrals must be submitted one week prior to the panel meeting. Our leaflet below includes additional information and you can also download a CPP referral form.

Who to contact: Michelle Burlinson, Inclusion and Access Officer, Together for Children. Tel: 0191 561 1442


Central Provisions Panel Information Leaflet

Download our Central Provisions Panel Information Leaflet

CPP Referral form

Download our CPP Referral form

Home and Hospital Tuition Service Referral form

Download our Home and Hospital Tuition Service Referral form

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