Excluded Pupils

'Exculsion' means to exclude a pupil from a school on disciplinary grounds.*

Only the head teacher has the power to exclude a pupil from school and there are two types of exclusion:

Fixed period exclusion
These exclusions are usually for a short period and include lunch-time exclusions. The pupil returns after the exclusion period has expired. In cases of more than a day's exclusion, work should be set and marked.

Permanent exclusion
This means the pupil cannot return to the school unless reinstated.
If a pupil is permanently excluded from any school, the Local Authority (LA) has the duty to provide other suitable education. Together for Children deliver this service on behalf of Sunderland City Council. A pupil may be placed in another school or other suitable arrangements may be made.

If a child is fixed term or permanently excluded parents/carers may have the right to make representations to the school's Governing Body. It is the governing body's role to either decline to reinstate the pupil; or direct reinstatement. If a pupil has been permanently excluded and the governors decide to decline reinstatement of the pupil, parents/carers can request that the decision is reviewed by an Independent Review Panel.

You can download our school exclusion templates below.

Who to contact:
Michelle Burlinson, Inclusion and Access Officer, Together for Children.
Tel: 0191 561 1442

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*  This includes maintained schools, pupil referral units, academy schools (including free schools, studio schools) and alternative provision academies (including alternative provision free schools)



Example Exclusion Model Letter 1

Download our Example Exclusion Model Letter (5 days or fewer) here

Example Exclusion Model Letter 2

Download our Example Exclusion Model Letter (more than 5 days up to 15 days) here

Example Exclusion Model Letter 3

Download our Example Exclusion Model Letter (more than 15 days in one term) here

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