Managed Moves

When a child has been experiencing difficulties at school, particularly of a behavioural nature, head teachers may suggest that a parent considers a managed move for their child.  A managed move is a useful strategy that allows a pupil who is experiencing difficulties in school and who would perhaps benefit from being moved away from any negative influences to participate in a ‘fresh start’ elsewhere.  It  involves a child attending another school for a specified period of time.  A managed move cannot be undertaken without the consent of parents.

Why would a child be considered for a managed move?
The head teacher of a child’s  school may request that parent/carer consider a managed move for their child because the child is displaying some challenging behaviours and they believe all other strategies in school have been exhausted.

If a parent / carer would like their child considered for a managed move then they should contact the child's school.

Who to contact:
Michelle Burlinson, Inclusion and Access Officer, Together for Children.
Tel: 0191 561 1442

For more information download our Managed Moves information below.


Managed Moves - Information Leaflet

Download our Managed Moves information leaflet

Managed Moves - Parent Agreement form

Download our Managed Moves Parent Agreement form

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