Support for birth families

If your child may be adopted then we can support you.

Some birth parents may still be together, some may not, but it is still important for birth fathers as well as mothers to get the support they need through the adoption process and with after adoption contact.

A support worker (who is independent of your child's social worker) will:

  • Offer regular sessions to talk about the adoption plan
  • Be flexible about the help you need
  • Be easy to contact
  • Listen to you
  • Give you support and advice
  • Explain what happens to children when adoption is being considered for them
  • Talk with you about your views and wishes for your child. If you like we can help you write these down for the adoption and permanency panel - or help you complete  the papers for panel
  • Collect information about you and your family to keep for your child (in case they want to find out about their birth family or they need health information)
  • Advise you about the Post Box Service and ways contact can happen after adoption
  • Put you in touch with other organisations who can help
  • Give you information about our complaints and comments procedure

We also run a birth parent group which may be a good support to you.  

We can also work with other birth family members who have played an important part in your child's life.

In Adoption

  • Our two stage adoption process aims to reduce delay for children and their prospective adopters.
  • Together for Children are rated Good by Ofsted.
  • Read our real life case studies for adoption.
  • Some of our most frequently asked questions for prospective adopters.
  • We provide a range of after adoption support services including helping you to access the Adoption Support Fund
  • It's important for both birth parents to get the support they need throughout the adoption process, including after adoption contact.