Sunderland Young Achievers' 2021


Full list of winners: 

Service to the Community (8-13 years)

Grace Clark - Winner 

Gabriella Bland – Highly Commended 

Service to the Community (14-20 years)

Jack Berry – Winner 

Jake Adams – Highly Commended  

Service to the Community (Groups)

Foundation of Light NCS Action Group – Winner  

Change Council (16+)  – Highly Commended 

Academic Achievement (8-13 years) 

Sophie Brown – Winner 

Leighton McBernie – Highly Commended 

Academic Achievement (14-20 years)

Kairo Short – Winner 

Josh Fowler – Highly Commended 

Young Carer (8-13 years)

Lennon Baker – Winner

Harvey Farquhar – Highly Commended

Young Carer (8-13 years)

Ellie Jane Bewick – Winner

Kate Burke – Highly Commended

Sport (8-13 years) 

Robbie Naissbett – Winner 

Sophie Nicola Slasor – Highly Commended 

Sport (14-20 years) 

Elizabeth McKinnon – Winner 

Ethan Brown – Highly Commended 

Music and Performing Arts (8-13 years) 

Ellie White – Winner 

Music and Performing Arts (14-20 yearrs) 

Bridie Barrett – Winner 

Chloe Little – Highly Commended 

Music and Performing Arts (Group)

Southmoor Academy Year 13 Drama Students – Winner 

Volunteer (14-20 years) 

John Brown – Winner 

Matilda Barry – Highly Commended 

School Council (Group)

Barbara Priestman Student Council

Personal Achievement (8-13 years) 

Sam Ogle – Winner 

Ellie Middleton – Highly Commended 

Personal Achievement (14-20 years)

Mohammed Adel Nassir – Winner

Bradley Black – Highly Commended

The Andy Neal Award (Overall Winner) 

Sam Ogle