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Care Experienced Local Offer


We work with care experienced young people to make sure they feel supported into independence after leaving care - this is known as our Care Experienced Local Offer.

Support into independence and adult life will look different for different people, but could include:

  • deciding where to live
  • choosing whether to get into employment, get some more training or study for more qualifications
  • budgeting advice
  • working out how much support might be needed from a social worker or personal adviser

The level of support that is offered depends on:

  • your age
  • when and how long you were cared for
  • whether you are currently still cared for

For more information about our support for care experienced young people, please contact:

Next Steps Team: 0191 561 7109 or next.steps@togetherforchildren.org.uk

Change Council: 0191 561 7430 or nikki.donaldson@togetherforchildren.org.uk



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