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Our Commitments


Together for Children created these six commitments in consultation with the young people in our Change Council (Sunderland's Children in Care Council). 

1.    When you come into care we will make sure you feel like you have a sense of belonging

2.    If you need to come into care we will make sure that you are safe and properly cared for

3.    We will make sure your voice is heard and listened to

4.    We will make sure you get a good school education and support you to get into higher education if you would like

5.    We will make sure you have opportunities to keep fit and healthy

6.    We will make sure you don't need to leave care until you feel ready and have the right support to independence 

These commitments - our pledges - are part of Sunderland's wider commitment to giving cared for children and care experienced young people the best opportunities they can have in life.

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