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We are committed to providing high quality services to all children, young people and families in Sunderland. One of the ways we can continue to improve our services is by listening to the views of children, young people and families, and by responding positively to complaints and putting any mistakes right.


A complaint is anything that Together for Children does, or fails to do, that makes you unhappy and that you want to tell us about. Examples might include:

  • Having problems or difficulties contacting us
  • Finding our services difficult to access
  • Feeling unhappy with the quality of service provided
  • Believing that communication with us has been poor or non-existent
  • Feeling unhappy with the attitude or actions of a member of staff
  • Believing that we have not followed policy and/or procedure
  • Having experienced significant or unexplained delays
  • Feeling unhappy with a decision we have made

If you want to make a complaint, please get in touch with our Customer Feedback Team:

The Customer Feedback Team will acknowledge your complaint within 24 hours and will record all the details. You will be asked to provide the following information to ensure a rapid response to your concerns:

  • Your name and contact details (unless you're submitting an anonymous complaint)
  • Details of the complaint, including dates and times, to assist us with our enquiries
  • A desired outcome, to help us understand what you would like to happen as a result of submitting your complaint

Once the details of the complaint are received, the Customer Feedback Manager will decide whether the your concerns can be dealt with as an immediate resolution or whether the issues require further investigation. 

Find out more about our complaints procedure

You can find out more about our Corporate Complaints Procedure and our Children's Social Care Complaints Procedure in the documents below.

If you're making a complaint about our Children's Social Care Services, please download our 'Tell us your views on our Children's Services leaflet' from the media section below.

If you're making a complaint about another service, please download our 'Tell us your views - feedback, compliments and complaints leaflet' from the media section below.

If you're a child or young person, please download our 'Children and Young People - tell us your views leaflet' from the media section below.


Your feedback helps us to understand what we're doing well and where we might need to make improvements. It also helps us shape our future services. If you've used one of our services and want to share your views, please get in touch using the contact details below.


Your compliments help us to understand what we're doing right. If you're happy with a service you've used, or if you'd like to share a compliment about a member of our team, we'd love to hear from you. Please get in touch using the contact details below.

Mind of My Own

If you are a child or young person and are not happy with the support or care you are receiving from us, you can raise an issue/complaint with the Customer Feedback Team. To do this you can either use the contact details below or get in touch using your own Mind of My Own account, choosing the scenario 'sort a problem'.

Contact us

You can contact our Customer Feedback Team via phone, email or post:

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