Active Charter Mark

Children playing football outside.

The Great Active Sunderland Schools Charter was launched in September 2015 and was developed as an improvement tool and to give credit to those key features of a school that are not always reflected in performance tables e.g. health and wellbeing of pupils, sport and physical activity opportunities and community involvement.

The Charter measures a school's performance over four key areas that include Education, Sport, Physical Activity and key Community standards. Levels of achievement are measured through a Gold, Silver and Bronze accreditation and are recognised by both the Education Leadership Board and Health and Well-Being Board.

The Great Active Sunderland Schools Charter is managed by Active Sunderland. Find out more about the Active Charter Mark.


In Healthy School Award

  • The Active Charter Mark was developed as an improvement tool for schools.
  • The Anti Bullying Charter Mark is a tool created by young people to help schools and other establishments showcase the work they do to prevent bullying.
  • The Food and Nutrition Charter Mark has been developed to support schools to introduce and promote healthier eating and drinking behaviours.
  • The emotional wellbeing of children and young people is just as important as their physical health.  For this reason, we encourage schools to implement our Mental Health Charter Mark.
  • The Relationship, Sex and Health Education Charter Mark has been developed by a local multi-agency group of public health practitioners, health professionals and education professionals.