Together for Children and Change Council launch Change The Language campaign

Five members of Change Council


Together for Children is launching its Change The Language Campaign - created by the Change Council, a group of cared for and care experienced children and young people.

As part of our commitment to centering the voices of children and young people, we have reviewed the language used by staff across the organisation to make it more personal, accessible and inclusive.



Members of the Change Council, a group of cared for and care experienced young people, shared what it means to them:

“It is important that professionals change the language so that young people don’t feel discriminated against or targeted. Lots of words are outdated and many young people don’t like to be labelled, as they are so much more than a word.”

“I think we need to change the language because it shows the new and younger generation of people that come into care that they are just moving from one family to another family who will care for them.”

Change Council have developed a glossary of terms that will be embedded within Together for Children’s practice. Phrases include changing the terms 'looked after' to 'cared for', 'unit' or 'placement' to 'house' or 'home', and 'contact time' to 'family time'. This glossary will evolve over the coming months as Change Council continue to review progress and offer suggestions for improvement. 

Change the Language Glossary